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Ergoline Vitality Hybrid

Vitality Hybrid represents naturally beautiful tanning with intensive skincare. The red Beauty Light pampers your skin during your tanning session, leaving you impressed by your beautiful glow and silky soft skin

Vitality Hybrid uses the combination of the latest UV technology and gentle Beauty Light. UVA LEDs from Ergoline use a specially developed reflector system to deliver particularly deep, directly visible tanning over the face and shoulders.

With Personal Sunstyle, you can choose from three individual tanning programmes – from gentle to intense. So, everyone can enjoy their own ideal tanning results.

Experience the cutting edge in tanning technology

Thanks to the LED technology, the tanning performance remains constant at all times and the unit creates a deep, even tan instead of individual “hotspots”. For a tan that is extra kind to the skin, the UV spectrum is extended to include red Beauty Light.

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